My take on Blogging

To be honest didn’t enjoy any part of blogging. Maybe if we did it in a different class it would be alright but in IA you are supposed to do hands on stuff. This is the one class that is for the most part fun so having to make blogs made it way less fun….


Badminton is my favorite school sport. I’m playing doubles with Reis this year. We are in a tournament this weekend. My favorite part about badminton is smashing. I have a Wilson badminton racquet. this is me when I smash^ BE SCARED

Kaleb Hagen

My name is kaleb. This is my first blog. I live in Canada eh? I like to bmx,play sports and Netflix and chill. I like learning fromĀ verbal learningĀ and I like experiments. I just pay more attention if we do experiments because its fun. I don’t like doing this blogging stuff. I would much rather be…